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Meet DJ Michael Shannon

Mike Shannon’s first week with Black Diamond Event Production was in early March of 2020. I’m sure you can imagine what happened in his first few weeks at an event production company…

It was very quickly clear to us that Mike had a unique drive about himself and was eager to soak in as much knowledge as possible. And he delivered for himself. From no experience DJing to a DJ who we have quickly come to rely on, Mike Shannon is a treasured member of the team and a phenomenal DJ.

In his free time he enjoys partying (what college dude doesn’t?!) and playing hockey. We’ve been flying Mikey up to Boston during the school year to perform at New England weddings but during football season you can catch him at DJing the Coastal Carolina Football tailgates which, by the videos we’ve seen, will give anyone FOMO.

With DJ Mike Shannon’s busy 2024 and 2025 wedding schedule you’re sure to see this ball of energy and comedy packing your best friend’s dance floor soon.

DJ Mike Shannon Black Diamond Event Production

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Black Diamond Event Production DJ Michael Shannon Gillette Stadium production team
DJ Mike Shannon
Black Diamond Event Production DJs Jack Kenney and Michael Shannon
DJ Michael Shannon in action at DJ booth