Uplighting is the art of creating a unique environment with splashes of vibrant color and coordination. From the Newport’s oceanfront Belle Mer to the Bretton Woods’ Rosebrook Lodge at Omni Mount Washington mountain summit event space to your local function hall, professional lighting transforms ordinary “blank spaces” into beautiful, interactive environments where lighting isn’t a second thought but a primary design element.

Using professional vibrant wireless LED lighting fixtures we are able to dramatically transform any event space virtually any time of day. Uplights are not limited to the perimeter of event venues nor are they just for spaces with solid walls. With a 30-degree beam angle, even wall-less tents can benefit from the mood setting that uplighting provides. RBGAW LED color selections allow for clients to choose from among 20,000 shades of color to match event theme colors or venue aesthetics.

Uplighting Gallery

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  • Wireless… No cords, no trip hazards, no mess
  • LED… No heat, no fire hazards, vibrant and long-lasting light
  • Over 20,000 Colors… Matching your color scheme perfectly and complementing floral designs and/or attire
  • Highlight architecture… Highlight statues, ionic columns, entry ways for a customized space
  • Transform ordinary to extraordinary… Music and lighting go hand in hand to those on the dance floor

Consult with our Event Coordination team for a sample of our work in producing fine event lighting

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