Wildly popular with weddings, corporate events, proms and theatrical performances, marquee light up letters are a beautiful statement decor trend. Clients interested in marquee lighting have also checked out Monogram GOBO lighting.

These solid 3D fixtures come in various sizes from two feet to four feet tall and the block letter inserts can be customized from the standard white background to a variety of inserts such as balloons, turf, rustic stained wood, mirror and custom vinyl wraps. In addition to letters these units are also available in numerical and punctuation characters as well as symbols such as a heart and ampersand (&).


Your Love In Lights


  • LED… No heat, no fire hazards, vibrant and long-lasting light
  • Customizable… Letter frames can be customized for different designs such as wood, balloons, mirror, turf, etc.
  • Multiple uses… Welcome signage, statement decor, photo opportunity back drops
  • Transform ordinary to extraordinary… Marquee light up letters are the modern day “3D Monogram” that make a dramatic and stand-out statement

Marquee letters are priced per letter including accent characters such as ampersand, hearts, punctuation. Delivery & setup charges may apply.

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