Dance Floor Lighting

About Dance Floor Lighting

Dance Floor Lighting is the fun specialty effect party lighting that immerse you in that classic dance club atmosphere. Using professional DMX lighting software and production quality fixtures Black Diamond is able to customize each party lighting package and lighting output to suit the event theme, venue aesthetics and time of day. Black Diamond carries a large inventory of specialty effect lighting including, but not limited to:

  • Color washes, lasers, strobes, intelligent sweeping effects and more.
  • Several custom lighting package options available.
  • “T-bar” light trees and 12″ box trussing in spans of 9′ - 30′ available.
  • “Totems” shown below.

Dance Floor Lighting Party Packages

wedding purple uplighting
Headshot - David Buono Black Diamond Event Production


Uplighting brings a true character to any event space. By illuminating the perimeter of the event space as well as architectural focal points of your venue the entire space is tied together.

party lighting truss

Intelligent Lighting Packages

Specialty dance floor lighting & club-like effects

An array of intelligent fixtures washing the crowd with color and specialty lighting beams and patterns incorporating beat-synchronized lighting scenes and shows.

moving head lights on totem truss columns

Intelligent Moving Head Dance Floor Lighting

Professional six foot tall vertical truss columns with personalization from industrial to elegant and chic. Dance Floor washes, moving special effect lighting and more combine with event lighting design for a setup that is as eye-appealing as the lighting effects it creates. Multiple configurations available.

pixel tube led dj booth

NEW! LED Pro Pixel Tubes

A fusion of dance floor wash lighting & eye candy decor

These state of the art programmable “pixel mapping” LED tube lights act both as a dance floor wash effect, eye candy display, and a statement decor piece of which the setup display, lighting angles, and lighting output are fully customizable. 

Can be used as a DJ booth enhancer, to frame the sweetheart table, or for stage/presenter decor columns.

monogram GOBO templates

Monogram GOBO Lighting

Project your customized design on a dance floor or wall. A gobo projected on a dance floor creates a focal point in which your guests naturally gravitate to, dance around, and offers unique photo opportunities. an image projected on a wall offers a classic look.

GOBO’s can also be abstract light images called “breakout patterns” to change the look of the room.

wedding marquee letters initials and heart

Marquee Letters

Popular for 2023

The modern day “3D monogram”. 4 foot tall block marquee letters to spell out names, dates, and statements (such as LOVE). Clients use these as statement decor pieces, sweetheart table enhancements and photo opportunity backdrops.

neon uv black light party lighting

Black Light UV-Responsive Neon Party Lighting

UV fixtures deliver hundreds of watts of ultraviolet energy that will bathe the dance floor of large halls with fluorescent fun. Ideal for “Neon” dance parties, Black Diamond Event Production offers a variety of theatrical-quality ultraviolet (UV) black lights to really make whites and neons POP!

theatrical lighting

Theatrical & Show Lighting

Fashion Shows & Stage Performances

Custom lighting design & operation for theatrical stage performances, fashion show runways, architectural lighting.

light up glow columns event lighting

Glow Columns

Similar to totem trussing however these 6? tall units act as a design element on their own. Internally lit to create a “glow” effect, the frosted-facade units can be used as-is or customized with monogram graphic prints of anything you can come up with… company logo, bride & groom names, abstract art patterns, Guest of Honor lit-up silhouettes.. You get it, we can do it all.