Pin Spot Lighting

What are Pin Spots?

Spotlight dances, center pieces, key event decor with pinspotting. This type of lighting design involves focusing a narrow beam of light to highlight small but statement decor and table centerpieces without light spilling over to the rest of the focus area and ruining the ambience. In combination with uplighting, pinspots create an atmosphere of romance and elegance. Aside from floral arrangements many choose to spotlight place card tables, cake displays and other statement decor pieces.

How Many Pin Lights Do I Need?

Most medium to large floral centerpieces require 2-3 fixtures each but depending on the placement of the actual fixture and the light beam angle of attack sometimes just one pin spot can do the trick.

Why Use Pin Spotting?

Simply put; this type of lighting effect really makes the item in focus POP. Let’s be real, floral centerpiece arrangements cost a fortune and often got lost in the overall table scape. Highlighting these key pieces of your design through focused light ensure they stand out in person and photograph great at every angle.

VIDEO: Before & After Pin Spot Lighting

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Pin Spot Lighting Gallery

Gallery images courtesy of 13 Photography.